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Skiing and climbing around tromsø

Welcome. Safety and Flow are our major goals here at Tromsø Mountain Guides. But nothing pleases us more than watching people having a good time in the mountains, and every now and then, expanding their comfort zone.

Winter Guiding


From late October until the end of May, or throughout the year if you prefer and condition allow, we offer tailor made ski touring around Tromsø to small private groups. Our aim is to deliver the best possible skiing on any given day. The classic peaks can sometimes feel crowded and on those days we happily head off the beaten track. Prices in high season from 5000 NOK per day depending on group size. Maximum group size is 6 skiers. Contact us for low season offers.


 Summer Guiding


The best known climb here is probably the iconic 17 km Ersfjordtraverse. It will take anything from  1-3 days depending on your level. It can actually be a good idea to split it into 3 separate day climbs. Our most difficult, and therefore popular, peak to reach is Blåskredtinden 785m. It is a day climb with a difficulty around grade 4. We also have world class rock climbing on Baugen. Most routes here are around 250 meters long and at a difficulty of grade 5-6. Prices from 5000 NOK per day. Usually 1-2 climbers per guide.



With partners in Ireland we have developed the popular 3D map of Lyngen. It comes with a frame and the size is 65x53 cm. Price has varied a little depending on shipment cost due to Covid 19 regulations but it will land at around 2100-2300 NOK. This is an ongoing project which will also soon include Kvaløya and other areas. Check our Instagram for more photos. Send us an email to make a reservation.



All Courses are always tailor made and on request.

We prefer to teach people about Ski Touring and Avalanche Awareness in winter and Rock Climbing in the summer. Both beginners and more advanced students. Participants usually show up with different levels of experience and therefore we always try to find the appropriate level for each course. We do standard NF courses on request but prefer to optimize the time. Prices from 2000 NOK per person for a weekend course, depending on group size. Do not hesitate so send us an email with your questions. We are keen do deliver the best possible course to our students!


About Me

Magnus Eriksson

After more than 25 years spent on rocky ridges and steep slopes in Scandinavia and Europe and 7 years full time work as a mountain guide, I decided to start Tromsø Mountain Guides in 2020. Born in Sweden I first moved to Tromsø in 2010 but have also lived and worked extensively in the Alps and speak adequate French. I now live in Tromsø with my partner Cecilie and our daughter Elma, born in 2019. When you book a day or a week of guiding with Tromsø Mountain Guides, you will end up with me as a guide. Or, if I'm not available, one of my trusted friends and colleagues who is either an IFMGA guide, or an Aspirant working towards a full qualification.

Thanks for checking in. Have a good day and I look forward to go climbing or skiing together with you. Feel free to take a look at my Instagram account for news and updates.


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